Certifikáty ISO - iso 9000, iso 9001, iso 14000


Azerbaijan Clean Technologies LTD (ACT)

Certifikované lokality: Narimanov dis., Ziya Bunyadov ave. 2096, Baku, Azerbaijan
Oblasť platnosti: Development of methods for utilization and control on oil-containing and feces waters, and also rendering services on: reception of dangerous liquid oil-containing and feces waters from ship compartments, and also other waste on vessel and their transportation on range for utilization; reception, transportation and handling chemically hazardous substances and solid waste; reception in cintainers of production and household wastes, black oil water, cement wastes and their transportation; cleaning and washing of vessel tanks; cleaning of motor and generating departments; steam cleaning of ship compartments, containers and cisterns; clearing of the earthen territories polluted by oil emissions; cleaning of water areas and water bodies in the territories polluted by oil emissions of Azerbaijan Republic
Podľa normy: ISO 45001:2018
Validity: platný