Certifikáty ISO - iso 9000, iso 9001, iso 14000



Certifikované lokality: Str. 1 Mai, Nr. 4-6, Radauti, Suceava, Romania Str. Fabricii FNR, Radauti, Suceava, Romania Str. Manejului, Radauti, Suceava - PT9, Romania Str. Stadionului, Radauti, Suceava - PT8, Romania Str. Stefan Cel Mare FNR, Radauti, Suceava, Romania
Oblasť platnosti: Production and distribution of heat and hot water. Sanitation. Local public lighting. Road works. Construction of utility projects for fluids. Construction for electricity and telecommunications, mobile and temporary site installations. Collection, sorting, transport, storage of solid residue. Production of asphalt.
Podľa normy: ISO 45001:2018
Validity: platný