Certifikáty ISO - iso 9000, iso 9001, iso 14000


International Scientific and Industrial Corporation "WESTA" comprising PJSC "WESTA-Dnipro", "WESTA-Plast" Ltd., "Industrial power systems" Ltd., "WESTA-Industrial" Ltd.

Certifikované lokality: 34, Budivelnykiv str., Dnipropetrovsk, 49055, Ukraine
Oblasť platnosti: Design and development, production and sales of lead-acid accumulator batteries.
Podľa normy: ISO 14001:2004
Validity: odobratý
Dátum odobratia certifikátu: 04.02.2015
Dôvod odobratia certifikátu: Assets of customer is in bankrupt or the bankruptcy proceeding was rejected or stopped because of lack of assets or a petition for bankruptcy was not filed propter the assets is insufficient for the payment of preliminary administrator expenses.